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4 Strategies to Communicate Effectively

Do you and your partner fight frequently, and what seems to be over the same issues every time? Watch this video to find out 4 strategies to communicate effectively. -

This video is longer than usual, and might be hard to keep up with the amount of information included. Follow along with the following bullet points of the most important themes:

What's behind the volatile conflict? 1. Upbringing 2. View of Conflict 3. Resentments 4. Automatic Defensiveness

How to Communicate Effectively 1. Express or Control Emotions 2. Soft Startup 3. Take Turns 4. Solvable vs. Unsolvable Problems

What does ineffective and effective communication look like? Ineffective: Yelling, blaming, persuading* and not listening, battling against each other Effective: Listening, sharing and expressing, accepting two points of view, working together

Why put in the work for effective communication? It feels good in the moment, going somewhere with your discussions, viewing your partner more positively, setting an example for your children

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