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Individual Therapy

If you’re looking to start individual therapy, you’re probably experiencing some sort of challenge that you're having a tough time navigating through on your own. Deciding to start therapy is the first step in your journey to overcoming those problems.

When these problems become so difficult, it's okay to ask for support - you don't need to do it alone. Individual Therapy is a space where you can share openly what you're struggling with, and you'll be met with understanding instead of judgment. Together, we can explore what isn't going well, and what you would like to be different. This could be how you're feeling or thinking in the day-to-day, fears that you have, a relationship you're struggling with, or a life change you're having trouble adjusting to. These issues could be stemming from a week ago, or when you were a young child. 

In Individual Therapy you can get the emotional support that you need, along with strategies to help you process through your feelings and difficult situations. You can also learn how to lean into your emotions - instead of feeling afraid of them, being able to feel confident that you can work with them.

Individual Therapy

I will always prioritize collaboration, and working with you towards your own goals in a way that feels helpful to you. My therapeutic style is supportive, accepting, collaborative, and straightforward. Through this collaboration, I will help you recognize the areas of your life that you're unsatisfied with or bothered by, explore how these areas got to the place they're at today, and shift the way that we do things so that you can feel more confident in yourself & that you're making the right decisions for you. I will provide you with strategies and tools that you can use over your life.

My therapeutic approach includes different theories like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, among others, and I tailor the specific approach to each client individually. I will also often encourage clients to do "homework," so that time outside of therapy can still be used to grow. 

* The current rate for Individual Therapy is $180 per 50-minute session

Get unstuck so you can feel great about your life

The Issues

The Benefits

Individual Therapy can address issues like:

The benefits you can gain from Individual Therapy, such as:

  • Anxiety, stress, worry

  • Depression

  • Relationship issues

  • Needing support after an affair

  • Going through a divorce or breakup

  • Life transitions and difficult changes

  • Self-confidence

  • Not feeling fulfilled in life

  • Sexual issues like performance anxiety
    And many more

  • Managing your anxiety & stress more effectively

  • Having more confidence in handling relationship issues

  • Creating deeper connections in your relationship & with family/friends

  • Healing from an affair or divorce/breakup

  • Feeling seen & understood, and understanding yourself better

  • Getting a better sense of what you want & need in life

  • Having a greater sense of calm and stability in life

  • Feeling more confident in yourself & your decisions

  • Feeling more confident sexually

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101 E Chestnut St,
West Chester, PA 19380

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