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Couples Therapy Continued

For the couples that I work with, Couples Therapy starts with a 3-session assessment that includes the Gottman Relationship Checkup Questionnaire that you take at home after the first session. There is a 75-minute intake session, one individual session with each partner, and we come back together for the fourth session on.

I'm a Gottman-Informed Couples Therapist, and you can learn more about this type of therapy hereThe 75-minute intake session is $300, and each 50-minute session onward is $175. The intake session is a higher rate due to the longer length, and it includes the Gottman Questionnaire that covers every area of your relationship. By starting this way, we have a solid foundation to work off of as we continue with therapy. 

This type of therapy can help with many issues that a couple might be experiencing, from typical communication problems, to healing from an affair. My priority is to work with you towards your goals so that you can develop a relationship that is sustainable, and one that you feel satisfied & fulfilled by. 

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