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Areas of Expertise

Couples Therapy

In Couples Therapy I often work with my clients on their lack of connection, struggles with communicating, healing from infidelity, and sexual issues. In my office I always aim to be open to both partners and hear your different perspectives.

I find that starting to work on issues in a relationship is best done sooner rather than later. As time goes on, resentments get more solidified, and our positions get more entrenched. 

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I see clients for a wide range of problems, but the most common are anxiety & depression, life transitions & dealing with stress, struggles with relationships or dating, and sexual problems. 

I strive to create a safe space in my office for my clients to feel comfortable opening up about these tough topics. My main goal is to understand where you're coming from, while also working towards your goals in life. 

Individual Therapy
Sex Therapy

With individuals we often work on sexual anxiety, performance anxiety, and struggling with sex in a relationship. With couples, we'll often talk about the state of their sex life, and what they're having trouble with.

Sex Therapy is the same as "regular" therapy, in that it's still talk therapy, but I list it separately so that you can be sure that I'm comfortable talking about sex, and knowledgeable in how to work through different issues.

If you're struggling in one way or another and would like to work together, feel free to send in a contact form and I'll get back to you soon!

My Approach

In my practice I emphasize a Systemic approach, which focuses on how our personal relationships, patterns of behavior, and choices in life are connected with the issues we experience in our relationships and life in general. Instead of looking for one partner to be the "bad guy," or your choices to be good or bad, I am always looking at the dynamics you have and the context behind your choices.

Systemic Therapy aims to have both partners express their often-different perspectives about their relationship, and identify the deeply entrenched dynamics that are getting in the way of a happy, healthy relationship. Using this approach, one of my most important roles is to facilitate conversation about these dynamics, not to gang up on either partner or choose who is right. 

Through this process, a couple can make small yet fundamental changes over time to shift their communication, and how they feel in the relationship. Systemic Therapy is a great approach for individual therapy as well, by continuing to look at the context of what is not working, and what can be different in the future. 

Please feel free to read more about Systemic Therapy here

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My Approach
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